A Handful of Water

  • Licht (Working title)
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Feature Film | 2019-2020 | Drama | Germany

Brief synopsis

Konrad, 85, is a notoriously grumpy old man. And on top of it all, his daughter now wants to adopt her lesbian girlfriend’s children.

Thurba, 10, runs away from the police who try to deport her family. But they can only deport them if all the children are present. So Thurba takes off through a second-floor window and runs away, for the sake of her family.

Konrad wakes up in the middle of the night. There’s something in the basement? Quietly, he sneaks downstairs, armed with a nail gun, and fires into the darkness, hitting Thurba, who screams like a banshee. Thurba has nowhere to go and he shot her. But something about the girl from Yemen moves him, whether he likes it or not. When Thurba offers him a deal, he has to make a decision.



ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Jürgen ProchnowKonrad [L]
Milena PribakThurba [L]
Anja SchiffelIngrid [L]
Pegah FerydoniAmal [L]
Anke SevenichPolice officer Dix [SR]
Rainer EwerrienMr Probst [SR]
Regine VergeenNeighbour [SR]
Isabel BerghoutStewardess [SR]
Paul HofmannPolizist [SR]
Julian TzschentkePolizist [SR]


Director of photographyTristan Chenais
1st assistant cameraArmin KarahasanovicA-Cam
DIT digital imaging technicianChristian Dressler
Still photographerDaniel Dornhöfer
Costume designerSusanne Roggendorf
Assistant costume designerAnna-Katharina Eck
DirectorJakob Zapf
1st AD (local system)Adrian Maximilian Hoehl/ 1. AD
2nd AD crowd (local system)Alexander Frank
Script continuitySophie Werthentrainee
Actor coach (children)Alexander Frank
EditorSanjeev Hathiramani
Assistant editorVincent Jost
Key gripJulius v. Schnurbein
GafferMerlin Luong
Lighting technician / electricianMahir Dogan
Additional electricianJulius v. Schnurbein
Key makeup artistJanine Zabel
Makeup artistEmre Güney
ComposerMarkus Paichrowski
MusicianLaurent Weibel
MusicianAnna-Maria Lenz
MusicianAlmut Frenzel-Riehl
MusicianArnold Ilg
MusicianRalf Merten
ProducerJakob Zapf
ProducerTonio KellnerNeopol Film
Associate producerJérôme Blesson
Production designerMike Schäfer
Set decoratorDoris Dreyer
Art department assistantDor Keren
Standby propsMartha Funke
Set builderJens Westermann
Line producerAndrea Simml
Production managerTonio Kellner
Unit managerCaroline Isabelle Dyrek
Set manager/ floor managerLevin Kärcher
Production secretaryCaroline Isabelle DyrekPre-Production
Assistant set/floor managerValentin Engelland
PA internJoshua Biesenthal
ScreenwriterB. A. Ashu
ScreenwriterMarcus Seibert
ScreenwriterJakob Zapf
Production sound mixerDirk Krecker
Sound re-recording mixerAndreas Radzuweit
Sound re-recording mixerMoritz Corell
Sound designerMoritz Corell
Dialogue coachTeresa Harder

Production companies

Neopol Film, Kellner & Zapf GbR

Distributing companies

JIP Film und Verleih [de]


Cameras and UtilitiesMBF Filmtechnik GmbH
Lighting and UtilitiesMBF Filmtechnik GmbH
CostumesFilmcops e.K.Polizeiuniformen Hessen & Polizeirequisiten
CostumesPATIN-A SHOP GmbHCostume supplies
CostumesTheaterkunst GmbH KostümausstattungKB: Susanne Roggendorf


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Jakob Zapf2021Lichter Filmfest [de]Regionaler LangfilmwettbewerbNominated


2021GermanyFestival of German Film Ludwigshafen
2021GermanyLichter FilmfestHessenpremiere
2020GermanyInternationale Hofer Filmtage


PremiereSaturday, 24/10/2020Hofer Filmtage [de]