A FISH SWIMMING UPSIDE DOWN | © Constanze Schmitt, DFFB, REKA Pictures
© Constanze Schmitt, DFFB, REKA Pictures

A Fish Swimming Upside Down

  • Das blendende Licht (aka Andrea) (Working title)
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Feature Film | 2018-2019 | Drama | China, Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting13/07/2018
End of shooting26/08/2018
Number of shooting days33
LocationsBerlin, Brandenburg, Elbsandsteingebirge/ Sachsen

Project data

Film financing
Length of movie103 min
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Sound formatDolby SRD / Dolby digital (5.1, 6 channels)

Brief synopsis

Andrea, a woman without a past - playful, straightforward, ethereal, vivacious, candid, unpredictable. Philipp and Martin, his son love Andrea. Andrea’s presence shall fill the void that Hannah's death has left in their hearts, the recently deceased wife and mother. A summer of fulfilled passion begins. But the inner emptiness of each individual soon demands for consolation, commitment and, not least, security. To possess becomes an urge. Love is suppressed by fear and present daily life is being suffocated under the weight of tomorrow. Three persons. One house. They live and behave outside of social norms and finally fail, because of their all too human needs. All that remains in the end, is emptiness and the question after guilt which must remain unanswered.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Nina SchwabeAndrea [L]
Theo TrebsMartin [L]
Henning Kober
Philipp [L]
Anna ManolovaNadya [SR]
Márton Nagy
Jens [SR]
Leon UllrichKommissar Dreyer [SR]


Motion graphics designerDirk Heymann
Motion graphics designerGunar Laube
ColoristIngo Schumacher
Sound assistantVazeh Mustafa
Director of photographyConstanze Schmitt
Steadicam operatorKonstantin Kann
1st assistant cameraCristina Amate Garcia
1st assistant cameraKatharina Hauke
1st assistant cameraSirinton Kaomanit
1st assistant cameraNorwin Hatschbach
1st assistant cameraDaniel Merget
1st assistant cameraPaul Rohlfs
1st assistant cameraElias Fritz3 DT, Alexa
1st assistant cameraJulian Jonas Schmitt
1st assistant cameraMalte Siepen
1st assistant cameraKonstantin Minnich
1st assistant cameraJens Hallmann
Still photographerLok Kinwah
Casting directorUwe BünkerBeratung
Costume designerAnna Philippa Müller
Costume designerNuria Heyck
WardrobeCharlotte Schwärmer
DirectorEliza Petkova
1st AD (local system)Willy Kristen
EditorEliza Petkova
GafferDavid Schmitt
Lighting technician / electricianSina Eslami
Lighting technician / electricianPaul Maximilian Näther
Lighting technician / electricianBen Bernhard
Lighting technician / electricianLydia Richter
Lighting technician / electricianJulian Lück
Lighting technician / electricianAnna Ilin
Lighting technician / electricianNina Reichmann
Lighting technician / electricianMalte Siepen
Key hair stylistDimitar Tranev
Makeup artist / hair stylistAnna Philippa Müller
Makeup artist / hair stylistNuria Heyck
ProducerKonstantin Kann/ Producer
ProducerMathieu Miville
ProducerNathan Nill
ProducerEdmond Yang
Production designerMiren Oller
Assistant production designerJo-Moritz Krah
Assistant production designerEhsan Morshed Sefat
Assistant production designerHauke Maguhn
Assistant production designerSven Philipp Pohl
Assistant production designerPaulina Radic
Assistant production designerJohn McIntosh
Standby propsAnn-Christin Hansenab 31.07.2018
Standby propsTiziana Schindler
Line producerAndreas Louis
Assistant production managerMarie Nordmann
Assistant production managerNeele Schröder
Assistant production managerJulita Witt
2nd assistant production managerJanek Neal Louis
Set manager/ floor managerWilly Kristen
Assistant set/floor managerPavel Bozhilov
ScreenwriterEliza Petkova
Production sound mixerHannes Marget
Production sound mixerEmil Morgenstern
Sound re-recording mixerAlexandre Leser
Sound designerHannes Marget
Sound editorJoscha Eickel
Foley artistPeter Roigk
Caterer (cook on set)Anna Engelmann
Caterer (cook on set)Felipe Damm
Caterer (cook on set)Annika Gasseberger
Caterer (cook on set)Wanda Konietzny


CastingUwe Bünker Casting GbR [de]
CostumesTheaterkunst GmbH KostümausstattungKB: A.Müller/N.Heyck
CostumesWellenstein zeitgenössische Kostüme GmbHKB: Anna Müller / Nuria Heyck


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Eliza Petkova2020Berlin International Film Festival [de]Perspektive Deutsches KinoNominated