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Christoph Kukula
Geiststraße 4906108  Halle (Saale)Germany
Phone+49 345 4781848
Fax+49 345 4781849

    About 42film GmbH

    42film was founded in Halle in 2004 and is run by the two producers Christoph Kukula and Eike Goreczka. The company's history began with the production of documentaries. In the meantime, 42film has established itself primarily in the field of international co-production and also develops its own film material and serial formats.

    Known for

    Movies as production

    2023Polizeiruf 110 - Der Dicke liebt (WT)
    TV-Movie (Series), MDR [de]Thomas StuberCooperation
    2023Unos días al solFeature FilmMauro Müller
    2022SuchoFeature FilmBohdan Slàma
    2022The Herd (WT)Feature FilmMilko Lazarov
    2022Blaga's LessonsFeature FilmStephan Komandarev
    2021Memento Mori (WT)Feature FilmFernando López Cardona
    2020Polizeiruf 110 - An der Saale hellem StrandeTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], MDR [de]Thomas Stuber
    2020Der Kopf der KatzeShort FilmMultiple
    2020A Higher LawFeature FilmOctav Chelaru
    2020Zärtlichkeiten im BusTV-Show, MDR [de]Multiple
    2019UtaDocumentary FeatureMario Schneider
    2019Zärtlichkeiten im BusTV-Show, MDR [de]Frank Smilgies
    2019Národní trída
    Feature FilmŠtěpán AltrichterKoproduktion
    2018DrübenlandShort FilmArne Kohlweyer
    2018Zärtlichkeiten im BusTV-Show, MDR [de]Jonas Schütte
    2017LemonadeFeature FilmIoana Uricaru
    Feature FilmMilko Lazarov42film
    2017Zärtlichkeiten im BusTV-Show, MDR [de]Arne Kohlweyer
    2017Farewell HalongDocumentary FeatureDuc Ngo Ngoc
    2017Kommen und GehenDocumentaryUwe Mann

    Movies as distributor

    2019Národní trída
    Distribution D
    Feature FilmŠtěpán AltrichterDistribution D
    2017Farewell HalongDocumentary FeatureDuc Ngo Ngoc
    2013Im DreieckDocumentaryUwe Mann
    2010MansFeldDocumentaryMario Schneider
    2006Heinz und FredDocumentaryMario Schneider
    2003HelbraDocumentaryMario Schneider


    • Eike Goreczka
      Department:Autor, Produzent
    • Christoph Kukula
      Department:Produzent, Produktionsleiter
      Phone:+49 345 4781848
    • Marc Uhlherr
      Department:Post-Production Coordinator
      Phone:+49 345 4781848
    • Rebekka Schreiter
      Department:Production & post-production coordinator
      Phone:+49 345 4781848
    • Svenja Bramfeld
      Department:Production Coordinator
      Phone:+49 345 4781848

    Branch offices

    • Halle
      Geiststraße 4901608  HalleGermany
      Phone:+49 345 4781848
      Fax:+49 345 4781849

    Company data

    Finished Productions"Polizeiruf 110 - An der Saale Hellem Strande" (TV, 2021)
    "Balaur" (Feature, 2021)
    "The Head of the Cat" (Short, 2021)
    "Zärtlichkeiten im Bus" (TV, 2014 - 2020, 26 x 60min)
    "Nationalstraße" (Feature, 2019)
    "Drübenland" (Short, 2019)
    "Uta" (Dok, 2019)
    "Nanouk" (Feature, 2018)
    "Lemonade" (Feature, 2018)
    "Vor dem Frühling" (Feature, 2017)
    "Farewell Halong" (Dok, 2017)
    "Vom Kommen und Gehen" (Dok, 2017)
    "The Picture of the Day" (Dok, 2016)
    "Naked Beauty" (Dok, 2015)
    "Zero" (Spielfilm, 2015)
    "Family Film" (Spielfilm, 2015)
    "Corn Island" (Spielfilm, 2014)
    "Im Dreieck" (Dok, 2014)
    "MansFeld" (Dok, 2012)
    "Ich, Tomek" (Feature, 2009)
    "Das zweite Geschenk" (Short, 2008)
    "Heinz und Fred" (Dok, 2007)
    "Der letzte Gast" (Dok, 2005)
    "Helbra" (Dok, 2005)
    In Production"Memento Mori" (Feature)
    "Hello" (Feature)
    Experience abroadCentral Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland
    North America: Canada
    Eastern Europe: Russia
    Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam
    Southeastern Europe: Bulgaria, Rumania
    West Africa: Burkina Faso
    West Asia: Georgia, Israel
    Date of company foundation2004
    Permanent employees5
    Immediate working areaHead office: Halle
    Branch offices: Halle