Documentary Series | 2015 | VOX [de] | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting01/01/2015
End of shooting31/12/2015
Filming regionsEast Germany, North Germany, South Germany, West Germany


    Eng cameraMichael Strusch
    div. Folgen
    div. Folgen
    Eng cameraMichael Plötz
    Eng cameraMarkus Fremersdorf
    Eng cameraSabine Sina Stephan
    Eng cameraClara Bindhardt
    Eng cameraFlorian Ungerer
    Eng assistant audio/videoAlexander Hamacher
    Eng assistant audio/videoPlamen Altanov
    Eng assistant audio/videoSascha Bandel
    Eng assistant audio/videoOliver Jonischkeit
    Eng assistant audio/videoDavid Stommel
    Div. Folgen
    Div. Folgen
    DirectorSascha Evers
    EditorAlexander Frey
    ProducerMarkus Jentgens
    Set manager/ floor managerMarkus Quinting
    Set manager/ floor managerRené Proch
    Set manager/ floor managerKatharina Wels
    Producer-directorMara Hildebrandt
    Producer-directorGuido Weiss


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