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©BR/Loopfilm GmbH
©BR/Loopfilm GmbH
Documentary (multi-part) | 2021 | BR [de] | Docu-Drama, History | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting26/07/2021
End of shooting01/10/2021
Number of shooting days21
Filming regionsGermany - Bavaria

Project data

Length of movie3x45 min

Brief synopsis

Presenter Kadda Gehret travels back in time to a Nuremberg past that happened over 200 years ago, but still has an effect today, because many Nurembergers still have a hard time with the Bavarian rhombuses because of what happened back then, and instead prefer to see the red and white flag of Franconia flying atop Nuremberg Castle.

The story leads back to the last years of the free imperial city, in which the citizens of Nuremberg tried almost desperately to avert the decline and the end of their homeland as an independent polity through internal reforms and external diplomacy. In vain. Napoleon himself had decided otherwise. Instead, the Bavarians stepped in and changed almost everything in a very short time, without asking the Nurembergers or even explaining why they were doing all this - including some quite sensible things, which, however, hardly stuck in the collective memory of the Nurembergers. But the story did not end there. The decline opened up new opportunities, which the Nurembergers knew how to exploit to the best of their ability.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Jonathan Beck
Jobst von Tucher [L]
Andreas Leopold Schadt
Paul Wolfgang Merkel [L]
Tillbert StrahlGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel [L]
Franziska Maria PößlSusanne von Tucher [SR]
David Schirmer
Georg Zacharias Platner [SR]
Michael Sosna
Theodor von Cramer-Klett [SR]
Lena StammMargarethe Merkel [SR]
Nicolas Stöcklein
Johann Friedrich Klett [SR]
Marie Schödel
Marie von Tucher [SR]
David RiedelJohannes Scharrer [SR]
Luca del FanteLuca [SR]
Stefan BluthAnton Dreher [SR]
Kadda GehretPresenter
Vanessa VelkováTochter zig


Post production assistantCarolin Krueger
Director of photographyTobias Corts
1st assistant cameraMoritz Dinkel
DirectorOliver Halmburger
Extras coordinatorLouisa von Sohlern
EditorJan-Philipp Stahl
GafferNiklas Schraut
GafferStephan Scheibengraber
Szenischer Teil
Szenischer Teil
Lighting assistantFlorian Mittelmeier
Makeup artist / hair stylistNicole Zürner
Makeup artist / hair stylistMelissa Döberl
ComposerMarkus Lehmann-Horn
OrchestratorMarkus Lehmann-Horn
OrchestratorFrank Heckel
Production designerMarika Antesberger
Prop masterIna Kasmierz
Set dresserVanessa Kemper
Set dresserManuel Kemper
Location scoutCarlos Loza
Production managerPeter Hohenstatter
Unit manager (local system)Kai Schäfer
Set manager/ floor managerMatthias Säck
vom 18.08.bis 30.08.21
vom 18.08.bis 30.08.21
Set manager/ floor managerNick Krause
Nürnberg Saga Teil II - Neverland Set-Solutions
Nürnberg Saga Teil II - Neverland Set-Solutions
Production driverGeorg Weig
ScreenwriterOliver Halmburger
ScreenwriterChristian Lappe
IdeaTassilo Forchheimer
Production sound mixerThorsten Bolzé
Stunt coordinatorMatthias Schendel
Stuntman/womanAlexander Schmitt
Stuntplayer Mob Leader
Stuntplayer Mob Leader
Commissioning editor in chargeTassilo Forchheimer
Commissioning editorChristian Lappe

Production companies

Loopfilm GmbH [de]


Finance/Law/InsurancePauls Büro
CostumesKostümverleih Richter und Gullmann GbR
Costume design and set
Costume design and set
PropsFTA Film- und Theater-Ausstattung GmbH
Alle Bereiche Muc
Alle Bereiche Muc


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Loopfilm GmbH [de]2022New York Festivals TV & Film Awards [us]
Dokudrama - Bronze
Dokudrama - BronzeWinner


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanyBR [de]Wednesday, 29/12/2021, 8.15 PM