Adam Hundezoon | © 2004 The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature
Kinospielfilm | 2007 | Drama, Krieg | Deutschland, Israel



DrehorteRumänien, Israel


Adam Stein, once Europe's greatest clown, is also a clairvoyant, a swindler, an alcoholic, periodically insane, and possessed of manic gifts associated with divine madness. He survived the Holocaust because the death-camp commandant wanted him to entertain victims on their way to the ovens.
After his arrival in Israel in 1958, Adam breaks down and enters the Seizling Institute for Rehabilitation and Therapy in the southern desert. Here he presides over a demented kingdom that includes Gina, a martinet of a supervisor who supplies him with medical and sexual services, and the "dog," who slowly begins to stand upright, feel love and finally speak. After curing the "dog," he sheds the remains of his soul. "I have recovered and become an ordinary man," he writes... "Sanity is pleasant, calm, amusing but it lacks greatness, it lacks true joy as well as the awful sorrow which slashes the heart." (Quelle: The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature)
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
Willem DafoeKommandant Klein [HR]
Jeff GoldblumAdam Stein [HR]
 Veronica FerresFrau Fogel [NR]
Juliane KöhlerRuth Edelson [NR]
 Joachim Król
Abe Wolfowitz [NR]
BesetzungCasting DirectorAnja Dihrberg
DrehbuchDrehbuchautorNoah Stollmann
DrehbuchVorlageYoram Kaniuk
FilmgeschäftsführungFilmgeschäftsführer Boris Dillen
FilmgeschäftsführungAssistentin der Filmgeschäftsführung Ina Stahnsdorf-Novotny
KameraKameramann/DoPSebastian Edschmid
KameraKamera Operator Robert Patzelt
KameraSteadicam Operator Robert Patzeltund A Camera Operator
Kamera1. Kameraassistent Sven FinkB-cam
Kamera1. Kameraassistent Philipp DönchB-Cam


Geschäftsbereich FirmaAnmerkung
ProduktionFinanzen, Recht und VersicherungAon Jauch & Hübener GmbH
VFX / PostproduktionTon (Postproduktion) RuhrSoundStudios GmbHSound Services
Vor der KameraCasting Anja Dihrberg Casting