The Case for Letting Our Town Burn

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    Kurzspielfilm | 2019 | Drama | Deutschland


    Jozefien Van der Aelst’s short film “The Case For Letting Our Town Burn” unfolds in ambiguous territory; a surreal house filled with “survivors”, calling upon language and repetition, set in a landscape where a disastrous event may or may not have struck. While a mantle of heat is pressing in on the house, the five inhabitants become detached from their names and cope with their melting world by experimenting with language. The days are hotter, hungrier – everyone shiny with sweat. We find ourselves in the middle of their discussion, dreaming up previous worlds, no longer possible to tell which is real, and slowly figure out that their conversations function like a ritual. They pretend to struggle for their emancipation, but in the end they never dare to leave the house. And then everything starts all over again.
    How long does it take a house to burn anyway?
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    Fred Aaron BlakeJoe [HR]
    Daniel BrunetPriester [HR]
    Ana RibeiroLoren [HR]
    Jill Weller
    Emma [HR]
    Milton WelshRicky [HR]