El inconveniente

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    Kinospielfilm | 2019 | Drama | Spanien
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    Sarah is offered the perfect house, spacious, luminous with beautiful views and at a very cheap price. There is only one small inconvenience: Lola, the eighty-year-old landlady who will be living there until she dies. It is presumed she will die quickly as she has undergone two heart surgeries, she drinks a lot and smokes like a chimney. Sarah decides to take the risk and wait it out. However, not everything turns out as she had planned. Months pass and the landlady is as vibrant as ever. What’s worse is Sarah’s life starts to fall apart as the unexpected occurs. A special relationship filled with affection, emotion and laughter will blossom between the two women, who are so different yet so similar in their loneliness.
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    Kiti ManverLola [HR]
    Juana AcostaSara [HR]
    Edu RejonRodrigo [NR]


    La Claqueta PC, S.L. [es]