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© Cyber Group Studios
TV-Serie | Folgen 1-52 | 2017-2018 | Télétoon+ [fr], TF1 [fr], ZDF [de] | Comedy, Kinder | Frankreich


RegieEmmanuel Klotz
DrehbuchGuillaume Bianco (Literarische Vorlage), Antonello Dalena (Literarische Vorlage)
ProduktionMedia Valley [fr], 2 Minutes [fr]
Verleih/VertriebCyber Group Studios [fr]


    “Hi, I’m Rebecca!

    I’m six and a half and I live with my Mom, my big sister Coralie, my dog Missile… and my best friend, Ernest!

    Ernest… He’s not human. He’s better than that! He’s a microbe! I caught him one rainy day when I was out looking for frogs and we’ve been together ever since. He’s really smart and has tons of crazy ideas to make every day… a huge adventure!

    Since he met me, Ernest has given up being a practicing microbe: now he wants to make the most of every minute we spend together! And help me carry out all my projects, even the most “cuckoo crazy” ones! Ernest also happens to be the best medicine against bad moods.

    Between school and friends, life at my mom’s, all the stuff with my big sister and everything Ernest and I make up, we just don’t have the time to get bored!”

    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
    Coralie [DNR]
    Muriel Bielenberg
    [de] Capucine [NR]Malin Steffen
    DiversePatrick Kramer
    Literarische VorlageAntonello DalenaComic
    Literarische VorlageGuillaume BiancoComic
    RegisseurEmmanuel Klotz
    SynchronregisseurinAnja Topfgerman dubbing


    2 Minutes [fr]
    Media Valley [fr]

    Vertriebs- / Verleihfirmen

    Cyber Group Studios [fr]


    Ton (Postproduktion)Studio Hamburg Atelier GmbH [de]


    ArtLandSenderDatum / ZeitAnmerkung
    ErstausstrahlungFrankreichTF1 [fr]Sonntag, 24.03.2019