The Woman Who Swallowed Her House | ©Frauke Havemann / ON AIR
©Frauke Havemann / ON AIR
Mittellanger Spielfilm | 2019 | Arthouse | Deutschland


DrehregionenDeutschland - Berlin


“The Woman Who Swallowed Her House” is a film about the radically subjective way in which a biologist deals with her cancer diagnosis.
In 2016 molecular biologist Catherine Adamidi was diagnosed with cancer. During the early stages of her treatment she wrote the essay “The Waddington Effect” to witness the physiological and social fragmentation she experienced while living with an incurable disease. Inspired by Adamidi”s essay this film takes viewers on an unusual journey. In “The Woman Who Swallowed Her House” film director Frauke Havemann explores the poetics of science and the cinematic (im)possibilities of depicting processes inside the body.
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Iris BossThe Woman [HR]
Jack Rathn.n. [NR]
Neal Wachn.n. [NR]
Annette Klarn.n. [NR]