Teaser (Serienkonzept) | 2014 | Science Fiction



The world’s first sky city is humanity’s last hope for survival because climate change is rendering the earth’s surface uninhabitable. The guiding force behind this city is the chief architect, Adrien Rousseau, who once was a struggling refugee before he fought his way up through the rungs of society to become an advocate for downtrodden refugees everywhere. He has mysteriously disappeared and his disappearance has put the world’s future in jeopardy. So his wife hires her former lover, a bounty hunter who finds missing people, to locate him before the city falls from the sky, driving humanity to extinction.

Our protagonist is Azzan, this brooding bounty hunter who’s a clever navigator of this dystopian world of 2248. He speaks multiple languages; he straddles the worlds of the rich and poor; and his secret weapon, which makes him one if the best, is a psychological condition known as synesthesia, effectively making him a great human lie detector. But he also carries this heavy burden of a dark past which constantly haunts him.

His objective is to travel across this dystopian world and locate deported sky citizens because each of them has a story to tell that will ultimately lead Azzan to the missing architect, Adrien Rousseau.

You see, the backbone of the story is finding Rousseau, but along our journey, we’re going to meet all these different people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Eeach of them will share their stories of struggle and how they ultimately reached SKY CITY HAYA.

Azzan’s journey to find Rousseau will not be easy. Dangerous forces are hunting him down to stop him from uncovering the truth. He must find Rousseau before it’s late and humanity loses its last chance at survival up in the sky. But in doing so, Azzan will finally face these demons, which have spent years haunting him.
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Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Agnieszka Salamon
Martina [NR]
Maciej SalamonYarek [NR]