Ausstellungsfilm | 2017 | Deutschland


    Laboratory Life consists of a series of short films that can be accessed via posters in specific locations throughout the city. Each poster features a QR code that links to a short film sequence of various scenes. Once a film is activated by scanning the respective QR code with this app it remains accessible through the app’s archive function. A simple map allows viewers to find the individual poster locations around the city. (
    Production Design / SzenenbildSzenenbildnerin Reinhild Blaschke
    Production Design / SzenenbildBaubühneMark Stolte
    Production Design / SzenenbildPropbuilderHagen Rißmann
    ProduktionProduktionskoordinatorinLuisa Puschendorf
    RegieRegisseurAndreas Bunte
    TonFilmtonmeisterAdam Asnan