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August in Berlin

  • Berlin (Arbeitstitel)
Spielfilm | 2014-2017 | Drama, Romantik | Deutschland, USA




Lauflänge74 Min.


August in Berlin is a riveting romance that spans one August evening in Berlin. An American woman, TALIA, Who is working in Berlin, has a chance meeting with a German scientist, MAX, at a coffee house. The eventful hours they spend together over the course of one night are the catalyst to an explosive revelation - they fall in love.

What begins as an antagonistic discussion of life, personal values, work and faith - becomes an unexpected compassion and understanding of each other. This attraction is profoundly complicated by their "real" lives - and by the censorship of a mutual friend who meets up with them in the course of the evening. What is more honorable - to follow one's heart or to be faithful to promises?
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Max von PufendorfMax [HR]
Mariah Friedrich
Talia [HR]
Nadine RosemannGossip Girl [NR]
Tancredi Volpert
Christian [NR]
Katja Wagner
Sophie [NR]
Wolfgang S. ZechmayerGuard [NR]
Benedikt ZeitnerBarrista [NR]
Lena EhlersPretty Woman
Julia ZimthTourist


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