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  • Otto - My Life is a Soundtrack (Arbeitstitel)
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Spielfilm | 2014-2019 | Drama | USA


DrehorteBerlin, Paris, New York City, Polen


Lauflänge92 Min.


When international artist Peter Bjorn’s much anticipated show is panned by critics he disappears from the art world without a trace. He finds refuge in a remote Polish village, where he is enchanted and transformed by the haunting tones of pipe organ music and the sweet voice of a hiking nun. In the meantime his artwork mysteriously starts selling out in auctions and black markets, ironically making Peter B. sought out by collectors, and museums alike. When he discovers that he is thought to be dead he decides to go back and confront his past life. An extraordinary story of the myth of an artist and his peculiar return from the dead, this is a film in which fiction and reality interact to depict a vibrant international contemporary art scene and rural Polish life, and examine the overpowering constraints of society and the liberating power of music.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Jean Louis Valeur JaquesPeter [HR]
Lisa Marie BeckerMaria [NR]
Susie MeyerClaire [NR]
Felix RömerMarvin [NR]
Fabian StummHans [NR]
Rezeta VeliuMary [NR]


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Margarita Jimeno2016Champs Elysées Film Festival [fr]Jury Prize (U.S. in Progress)gewonnen
2019USACinequestInternationale Premiere