• Blood Panzer - The Forces of Madness (Arbeitstitel)
Spielfilm | 2012-2013 | Science Fiction | Deutschland


MADNESS! This massive hulking tank bulldozes a path through the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world, it's crew ordered to protect a sprawling MEGALOPOLIS against survivors, renegades, relics of a long passed "War of all Wars".

In their pursuit of the YOKAI, a deadly mutated best, that threaten´s the city´s bare existence, the men and women of the MADNESS are supported by the infamous IMMUNES, a caste of genetically enhanced humans, engineered and bred to be the rulers of MEGALOPOLIS.

Facing threats from zombies, autonomous war machines and the YOKAI demons who habitually haunt the PACIFIED ZONE, the MADNESS´ crew and their volatile relationship with the genetically advanced IMMUNES is threatened by an enemy from within.

This enemy puts every single crew members´ loyalty to the test... and each individuals sense of humanity.

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Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Jim Walker Jr.Gordan Gempai [HR]
Fabian Monasterios
Lt. Suthon 6 [HR]
Cecile GujerCaptain Nävis [HR]
Emilio De MarchiSt Kamakura [NR]
Ulrike KargusSub-Captain Äiko 471 [NR]
Vanida KarunAmrai Tato [NR]
Gina Meria KonietzkoFlüchtlingsmutter [NR]
Wolfgang Riehm
General [NR]
Sara SpennemannNissou A [NR]
Marié Tanaka KretschmerNisou [NR]
Hannah Rebekka Ehlersn.n. [TR]
René Marvin KuhnkeFlüchtling, Chor [TR]
Altamasch NoorTsuchigumo [TR]
India RothCaliban [TR]


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