Trailer | 2012-2013 | USA


INTERPOL Officer Swan (Damian Chapa, star of Blood In Blood Out, Brando Unauthorized, Money Talks, El Padrino) is an agent on a mission in Amsterdam, Holland to investigate a drug ring. The new drug being sold costs $100,000 A HIT because it takes the user to nirvana for two weeks. The catch is that the drug, known on the street as Adrenalzone, derives from dead people and only when they are having a heightened sense of fear near their death relating to their adrenal gland are the vital components of the drug able to be extracted. In other words, one must die in order for a user to redeem just one hit of this drug. The drug kingpin Paradiso (Angelo Foletta) begins to make a fortune as the only Adrenalzone dealer in the world and begins to exercise his power over the entire drug trade across Europe. The only man who can stop this madman is the fallen, even crazier, Officer Swan, who battles with his own addiction along the way. The one person who has faith that Swan can prove himself worthy again is his courageous and sultry Russian sidekick, a fellow INTERPOL agent (Alexandra Lowygina).
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Alexandra LowyginaIngrid Schiller [HR]
René ZimmermannConrad [HR]
RegisseurDamian Chapa