Dokumentarfilm | 1996-2011 | Doku, Experimental, Gesellschaft, Krieg, Krimi, Kultur, True Crime | Deutschland, Österreich


Lauflänge81 min
SeitenverhältnisTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)


Since 1996 film director Michal Kosakowski has been asking people with different backgrounds about their murder fantasies. He offered them the chance to stage their fantasies as short films. The only condition was that they had to act in these films themselves, either as victims or perpetrators. More than a decade later, Kosakowski met these people again to ask them about their emotions during their acts of murder or victimization, and interviewed them about current social topics such as revenge, torture, war, terrorism, media, domestic violence, the death penalty, suicide etc.

If someone murdered a person you love, how would you feel about it? Should torture be legalized? Are soldiers murderers? How to define good and evil? Their replies are juxtaposed with the short films based on these ‘non-criminal’ fantasies made accessible to viewers. Simultaneously, the participants’ respective replies help viewers to get better acquainted with them and their highly diverse social and professional backgrounds. It is the banality of their acts that frightens us so badly, their stabbing of innocent people, their orgiastic throttling of marriage partners or their random shooting of unsuspecting visitors to exhibitions.

‘Zero Killed’ takes the issue one step further: the film deciphers common clichés and patterns of visual violence with the aid of the protagonists’ immediate and direct comments.

The result is an unconventional hybrid of feature film and documentary that makes viewers question their personal and social positions concerning ethical and moral values and taboos.
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Uli Aignersie selbst [HR]
Hans Auerer selbst [HR]
Aylin Ayazsie selbst [HR]
Teresa Behrsie selbst [HR]
Dietmar Beinhauerer selbst [HR]
Dorothée Berghaussie selbst [HR]
Max Boehmeer selbst [HR]
Barbara Braunsie selbst [HR]
David Brucknerer selbst [HR]
Michele Cavaliereer selbst [HR]
Therese Daviessie selbst [HR]
Joseph Denizeer selbst [HR]
Stephan Doleschaler selbst [HR]
Michael Dürrer selbst [HR]
Claudia Englsie selbst [HR]
Tamás Eperjessyer selbst [HR]
Sergio Figueroaer selbst [HR]
Nikolaus Firmkranzer selbst [HR]
Monika Fußsie selbst [HR]
Jennifer Hackersie selbst [HR]
Emma Hadžiabdićsie selbst [HR]
Gabriela Hegedüssie selbst [HR]
Anja Heidemannsie selbst [HR]
Robert Jaczyńskier selbst [HR]
Grzegorz Jaworskier selbst [HR]
Michael Jescher selbst [HR]
Franka Kaßnersie selbst [HR]
Vinzenz Kemeterer selbst [HR]
Sava Kiprover selbst [HR]
Franziska Kleinsie selbst [HR]
Michal Kosakowskier selbst [HR]
Rafał Kosakowskier selbst [HR]
Miranda Kraguljsie selbst [HR]
Heli Leitnerer selbst [HR]
Michael Lunger selbst [HR]
Pino Luxer selbst [HR]
Harald Maderbacherer selbst [HR]
Claudia Martinisie selbst [HR]
Paolo Marzocchier selbst [HR]
Katharina Mayersie selbst [HR]
Sebastian Mazuńer selbst [HR]
Aleksandar Mimicaer selbst [HR]
Goran Mimicaer selbst [HR]
Nicholas Mortimoreer selbst [HR]
Dorit Oitzingersie selbst [HR]
Gebhard Ottacherer selbst [HR]
Karl Pankler selbst [HR]
Mark Parretter selbst [HR]
Gerhard Pauler selbst [HR]
Josef Pauler selbst [HR]
Lucy Antonia Paulsie selbst [HR]
Marie Philline Paulsie selbst [HR]
Denise Pitayataratornsie selbst [HR]
Heidi Preglersie selbst [HR]
Ratko Radivojevićer selbst [HR]
Andy Saruper selbst [HR]
Christian Scharfer selbst [HR]
Reya Silaosie selbst [HR]
Manuel Smaliser selbst [HR]
Martina Spitzersie selbst [HR]
Ries Straverer selbst [HR]
Martin Sturmer selbst [HR]
Viktoria von Prachtentalsie selbst [HR]
Lucas Vossoughier selbst [HR]
Maggie Wagnersie selbst [HR]
Neli Wagnersie selbst [HR]
Fabienne Webersie selbst [HR]
Vitus Wieserer selbst [HR]
Esra Yitmezsie selbst [HR]
Katharina Maier [1]sie selbst
Michael ZennerNachrichtensprecher


Kosakowski Films
Michal Kosakowski2012Killer Film Fest [us]Best Editing Feature Filmgewonnen
Michal Kosakowski2012Chicago Underground Film Festival [us]Best Documentary Featuregewonnen
Michal Kosakowski2012Horrible Imaginings Film Festival [us]Best Featuregewonnen
Michal Kosakowski2012South Texas Underground Film [us]Best Feature Docgewonnen
Michal Kosakowski2012Underground Cinema Film Festival Dublin [ie]Best Film International Horror Film Contestgewonnen
Michal Kosakowski2012Honorable Mention / Fargo Fantastic Film FeBest Documentary Featuregewonnen
Michal Kosakowski2012Internationales Filmfest OldenburgGerman Independence Awardnominiert
Michal Kosakowski2012Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival [us]Best Int'l Feature /nominiert
Claudia Engl2012Killer Film Fest [us]Best Editing Feature Filmgewonnen
Uli Aigner2012Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival [us]Best Chill!gewonnen