Zu viele Köche verderben den Brei

  • Spoilt Broth (Internationaler Titel)
Kurzspielfilm | 2010


  • ZU VIELE KÖCHE VERDERBEN DEN BREI - R: Toby Roberts - 2010


FELIX, a despairing young man decides the only way to rid his life of its problems is to get rich quick by robbing a post office. The problem is he’s never done it before. Felix goes beyond his comfort zone by arming himself with a pistol, walking into a quiet, rural post office and holding them up at gun point. Short, quick and easy. What he doesn’t anticipate is – when it comes to the crunch – it’s not that easy! First of all, what the hell do you say? This problem pales into insignificance when Felix is confronted by a much more professional robber with a much bigger gun. As the saying goes, “Too many chefs spoil the broth”. Spoilt Broth is a short, sharp comedy with an insight into first-time armed robbery…and with an unexpected twist.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
 Megan Gay
Bonnie [HR]
Oliver KorittkeFelix [HR]
Gary WhelanAxel [HR]
Toby RobertsBarman
Alex RossPost Office Worker


Heimatmedien GmbH [de]


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