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Weiter als der Mond

  • Verder dan de maan (Internationaler Titel)
  • Sea of Silence (Arbeitstitel)
Kinospielfilm | 2002 | Drama, Familie, Historisch | Belgien, Niederlande


1969. Nine-year old Caro lives on a pig farm in a small town with her four other siblings and another on the way. She is curious and determined to understand the mysteries of the world around her. But her devout catholic father can’t explain the new world and her mother is too busy for philosophy so she converses to God. One day at school she is horrified to learn that man will soon set foot on the moon. In her eyes it’s not possible that God would allow anyone to get so close to Heaven. Her clowning father agrees and, unable to cope with modern-day progress, hits the bottle. Caro is preparing for her first holy communion to become ‘a bride of God’ but before that she seals a pact with her father to overcome her fear of swimming in exchange, he will not touch a drop of alcohol.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
Neeltje de VreeCaro Werner [HR]
Huub StapelMees Werner sr [HR]
Johanna ter SteegeIta Werner [HR]
KameraKameramann/DoPWalther van den Ende
KameraKamera OperatorDidier Frateur
KameraClapper-LoaderBart Bleuze
KameraStandfotografDinand van der Wal
KamerabühneKamerabühneKris Theuwis
KamerabühneKamerabühnenassistentKurt Reybrouck
KostümKostümbildnerinKristin van Passel
KostümKostümbildassistentEls Cuppens
LichtOberbeleuchterChris Hacken
LichtBest BoyWim Cloots


Geschäftsbereich FirmaAnmerkung
Ausstattung, Kostüm, MaskeDekorationKonsum Anstalt
Stijn Coninx2002Lucas, Internationales KinderfilmfestivalPRIX-CIFEJgewonnen
Stijn Coninx2004Joseph Plateau AwardBest Belgian Directornominiert
Stijn Coninx2004Lucas, Internationales KinderfilmfestivalLucasgewonnen
Stijn Coninx2004Lucas, Internationales KinderfilmfestivalIFFS - Don Quijotegewonnen
KinostartDeutschlandDonnerstag, 12.05.2005