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Serienpilot | 2013 | Lifestyle | Deutschland


Lauflänge30 Min.


    Luxury. A word with magnetism. A word that opens the door to worlds only dreamed of – worlds in which the essence is grace, elegance, opulence, creativity, excellence, craftsmanship, sex-appeal, and style.

    VITA LUXE showcases the concept that authentic luxury in today’s world has at its essence exclusivity, privacy, time, and space. VITA LUXE is homage to authentic luxury. It is the re-discovery of the true essence of luxury in an age that has democratized and even vulgarized the concept. VITA LUXE creates an aesthetic that captures the electrifying energy of today's international luxury lifestyle – the resorts, the
    hotels, the villas, the clubs, the restaurants, the salons, the lounges, and all the privileged backdrops that bring together the peripatetic global tribe indulging in elite luxury – while avoiding the obvious, the banal, the commercialized, and the over-exposed. Luxury will be redefined as exclusivity, privacy, and most precious of all, time.
    VITA LUXE will look and feel unlike anything else ever experienced in the realm of lifestyle journalism.
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