Technology for a new century

    Together with Lead Agency Atelier Markgraph & NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik mbH, we created the digital content for the LED screenings, the show including the AR elements created by NSYNK. Highlighting the digitalization process at Viessmann.

    Client: Viessmann
    Lead agency, contractor: Atelier Markgraph
    NSYNK Team: David Brüll, Alex Henker, Eno Henze, Woeishi Lean, Christian Tielmann, Valérie Vogt

    2D and 3D Assets, Video: Acht Frankfurt GmbH
    ProduktionscontrollerinMiriam Guter
    Postproduction ProducerRene Petit
    ACHT Frankfurt GmbH
    ACHT Frankfurt GmbH
    RegisseurRoland Lambrette
    1. RegieassistentinChristine Uschy Wernke
    Creative Director (Werbeagentur)Alfredo Picardi Rockenbach