Dokumentarfilm | 2004 | Wissenschaft | Australien


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    Muttaburrasaurus, Pliosaur, Rhoetosaurus, all reptiles with a difference from Australia's prehistoric past. What did they look like and why were they so different from their Northern hemisphere relatives? Find out in The Terrible Lizards of Oz as we take a journey into deep time. Visit an ancient land where giant reptiles once ruled. Meet the fossil hunters who have made extraordinary new discoveries about Australia's past, discoveries that are re-writing history. The story begins in 1903 when Australia's first "terrible lizard" fossil was discovered. It was just a small a claw but it would one day lead scientists to great treasures. Dr Tom Rich is one, he's looking for mammals that lived in the shadows of the dinosaurs. The journey follows the few, very significant finds since the claw's discovery. Despite the fact that little evidence remains from Australia in the age of the giant reptiles, what has been found tells of a strange land full of surprises… and contentious theories.
    DrehbuchautorinRuth Berry
    Kameramann/DoPPaul Warren
    ProduzentMark Chapman
    ProduzentinRuth Berry
    RegisseurinRuth Berry
    EditorRodney SewellFS-Dokumentarfilm


    Big Island Pictures Pty Ltd [au]

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    CBC International Sales [ca]
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