The Singer | Sanne Kurz
Spielfilm | 2012-2018 | Drama | China, Mongolei


DrehorteUlaanbaatar, Mongolei, Shanghai


SeitenverhältnisWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
BildnegativmaterialRedcode RAW 4K


    Based on the true life story of the Mongolian violinist and singer Serchmaa, the feature film The Singer follows the path of raise and fall,
    love and intrigue that took the Mongolian celebrity to the stars and back. Inspired by Serchmaa’s true story, we follow the life of Odmaa, who decides to take a musical scholarship from a stranger just after embarking on a national tour following her latest CD release. Odmaa settles in Shanghai, a country foreign to her, and finds love, despite missing home. Sun and stars seem to shine for her as she marries her Prince Charming and gives birth to a healthy son. But soon enough love turns in to lament, darkness and aggression spreads
    and what started out like a dream turns in to a nightmare
    KameraKamerafrau/DoP Sanne Kurz
    Kamera1. Kameraassistent Lambert Strehlke4 Weeks Shooting in Mongolia/China
    LichtOberbeleuchterinHanna Mayser
    LichtBest BoyGao Wen Xin
    Postproduction/VFXColoristJan Klonowski
    ProducerService ProducerDillon Xiang
    Production Design / SzenenbildAußenrequisiteurWang Zheng An
    Production Design / SzenenbildSetrequisiteur (Innenrequisiteur)Wang Zheng An
    Production Design / SzenenbildSetrequisiteur (Innenrequisiteur)Huang Yue Hong
    ProduktionHerstellungsleiter (Line Producer)Dillon Xiang


    Geschäftsbereich FirmaAnmerkung
    KameraKameras und ZubehörSanne Kurz Film
    KameraKameras und ZubehörUE-Spionjak
    LichtBeleuchtung und Zubehör Sparks Filmtechnik GmbH
    ProduktionProduktionsservicesBladedge Culture Communications Co. [cn]
    TonEquipment Ufo Filmgerät GmbH
    VFX / PostproduktionFilmbearbeitung/Transfer Ufo Filmgerät GmbHTechnik: Rent und Support