Kurzspielfilm | 2006 | Drama | USA


Lauflänge14 Min
SeitenverhältnisWidescreen Europe (1 : 1,66)
TonformatDolby SR (4 channels)


    Paula is an attractive, successful urbanite who has the world at her fingertips and the sky is the limit. Paula and husband, James, throw a party in their lavish East Village apartment to celebrate Paula's big promotion. In the midst of the party Paula has an outer body experience to rival Linda Blair's exorcist. Eyes wide, jabbering in a multitude of languages, Paula becomes possessed. In the days to follow, Paula has made a complete transformation relinquishing all her worldly possessions. Paula amasses a group of worshippers who witness her perform miracles on her rooftop. A frustrated and unnerved James attempts to restore Paula to normalcy by employing a scheme of hilarious tactics. Will he save her, or will Paula be lost to the spirit world forever?