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The Mad King Poster 1 | © Lüneburg Filmstudios
© Lüneburg Filmstudios
Spielfilm | 2022-2023 | Deutschland


Lauflängeca 1h42min


In a fictious world set in 1850, King of kings, John Frederick sits on the throne to the capital kingdom the capital to the most powerful empire of all time. King John has a reputation of being the most powerful man on the planet but his brutality, misogyny, racism and unprecedented politics has earned him a title in secrecy, as the Mad King.

Although being warned by the grandmaster, a thousand-year-old lady who served King John’s father and his father before him, as a trusted advisor; the extraction of mother nature and the depth of the earth has led to an unexpected long summer as well as shocking natural disasters such as floods and wild fires in the western kingdoms.

As a solution to the financial problems caused by the long summer, and to avoid rebellions in the realm, the King and his Chief Commander to the Royal Army, Lord Rothschild decide to create a common enemy and conquer the southern lands of the republic of the sun.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Karin AngeleGrand Master [HR]
Kai Helm
Berater [HR]
Sezer UzunogluHerzog Gredjel von Rheinheart [NR]
Fabio De Almeida BeserraRapist [NR]
Vitali HukLord Amschel from Rothschild [NR]
Robert KowalewskiThe Knight [TR]
Ramona Schlenker
Dorfmädchen [TR]
Alexander WaigelDorfbewohner/Stuntman [TR]


Filmstudio Lüneburg GmbH [de]
Filmstudio Lüneburg GmbH [de]2022Big Syn International Film Festival [uk]
Feature Film Best Producer
Feature Film Best Producergewonnen
2023Vereinigtes KönigreichBig Syn International Film Festival