Super Wings! | © Little Airplane Productions
Serie | 2016 | Animation, Kinder | USA


    Super Wings is an action-packed preschool series that features an adorable jet plane named Jett who travels the world delivering packages to children. On every delivery, Jett encounters a new problem that he and his friends, the Super Wings must solve together!

    As Super Wings zip around the globe helping those in need, the series provides young children with an introduction to cultural diversity. The planes’ travels offer preschoolers a glimpse of the landscapes, languages, animals, food, clothing, games, music, and traditions that characterize different countries and cultures around the world.

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    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
    Jett [DHR]Luca Padovan
    Felix (2 Folgen) [EHR]Aljosha Horvat
    Casting DirectorBenjie Rendall/ Voice Over Director
    DrehbuchautorinAnne Bernstein
    Executive ProducerJosh Selig
    RegisseurJosh Selig


    Little Airplane Productions [us]