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Sud lointain - DVD Cover
TV-Mehrteiler | 1997 | TF1 [fr] | Drama, Historisch | Belgien, Frankreich, Schweiz


RegieThierry Chabert
DrehbuchErwan Bergot (Literarische Vorlage)
ProduktionRaspail Associés [fr]


Lauflänge270 min


This epic story follows the life and loves of three men who left France and travelled to Indo-China in the early years of the twentieth century. One has a love for land, another for government and the third for God - a farmer, a bureaucrat and a priest. Over the years the general tension builds up between the natives and the colonial powers. The political turmoil affects everyone's life, undermines old friendships, causes violence and death. But some people are strong enough to fight for common good and love helps to endure the hardships.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Véronique JannotCatherine Tannere [HR]
Bernard YerlèsFrancis Mareuil [NR]
Xavier DelucAlban Saint Reaux [NR]
Élise TielrooyMadeleine [NR]
Claire BorotraSylvie [NR]
Catherine BuquenAnne Saint Reaux [NR]
Pierre ForestRonan Kervizic [NR]
Thierry NeuvicGathelier [NR]
Matthieu RozéCyril [NR]
Philippe UchanScotto [NR]
Jean-Marie WinlingLucien Gannerac [NR]


Raspail Associés [fr]