Sinema Porini - Kino im Busch

  • Sinema Porini (Arbeitstitel)
Kurzdokumentarfilm | 2011 | Doku | Deutschland




SeitenverhältnisTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)


    The projectionist Elisonguo Kiwia likes movies. Everbody thinks he is crazy, because Kiwia's only interest is to go out to the countryside and show films - for free! He not only feels like a projectionist. He really wants to reach his audience. With his cinema- van Kiwia goes on a journey in East Africa. He travels from Arusha to the bush where the Masai people are living. They still live very primitive in their tradition and for most of them it is the first time to see moving images on a screen. In his luggage Kiwia has films about education, enlightenment and entertainment but the coveted favorite every evening is the movie about the life of Jesus.