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Schlafende Monster

  • Sleeping Monsters (Internationaler Englischer Titel)
  • Rückkehr ins Herz der Finsternis (Arbeitstitel)
Dokumentarfilm | 2005 | arte | Deutschland


    Is it ever possible to solve armed conflicts in a peaceful way?
    How will a UN-demobilisation officer convince militia groups to lay down their arms?

    The war in Congo began with the genocide in Rwanda: not only the murderers fled into neighbouring Congo but also the Hutu-army and thousands of civilians were on the run from collective vengeance.
    For over a decade the Congolese people have suffered at the hands of the armed Hutu.
    The Canadian UN-demobilisation officer Eric Besner is sent to convince the Rwandan Hutu militias to return to a civil existence in their homeland.
    An almost impossible task, as the Hutu still fear the vengeance of the Tutsi should they return to Rwanda.

    But can the Hutu-fighters be collectivly accused as the genociders?
    Is the UN able to end the conflict, without coming to terms with the past?
    It seems that truth is not necessarily a stabilising factor.
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    Bluefilm GmbH [de]

    Vertriebs- / Verleihfirmen

    Arsenal Filmverleih [de]


    Filmbearbeitung/TransferMoser + Rosié Film GmbH
    Markus CM Schmidt2008Fest. intern. du film des droits de l’Hom Paris
    Student Award
    Student Awardgewonnen