Pommersche Illusionen

  • Pomeranian Illusions (Internationaler Titel)
Dokumentarfilm | 2008 | arte, MDR [de], YLE TV [fi] | Alltag, Heimatfilm | Deutschland, Polen


DrehorteDarłowo (Poland)


    Pomeranian Illusions" is a multi-plot film that follows its protagonists during a decisive time of their life. The stories reflect the new times arriving to small-town Poland challenging the people and the place they share: Darlowo, at the Baltic Sea. 22-year-old local Micha is fascinated by the bigger world than his own; American ex-helicopter pilot Mark D. Buller is looking for a new life companion here; Ursula, great-grand-mother is one of the last Germans in the Pomerania region; Danish investor Michael Rylander Christensen from the island of Bornholm is dreaming of building a holiday-resort on the Baltic coast, and Jan "Lucjano" Konstanty now, the 82-year-old magician, faces that his old tricks may not fit the new times.
    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
    Voice-Over Karin Hanczewski


    Graniza Deutschland [de]