Kinospielfilm | 2007 | Action, Drama, Horror, Krieg | Deutschland, Kanada, Polen


When Poland is invaded in 1991 by what is known as 'the Romanian Rebellion', NATO and the USSR move quickly to blockade any further expansion.

NATO then decides to 'flush the toilet', and send in recon squads composed of undesirable soldiers, military convicts and otherwise.

This is the story of one of those squads, and the village/community they find in the midst of ruin. Will they be able to follow orders? Will their own desires and fears interfere?
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Donovan CerminaraPrivate Owen Christopher [HR]
Jamie SwitchPrivate Kevin Igou [HR]
Karin HanczewskiJustyna Kwiatkowska [NR]
Patrick JahnsPrivate Hans Kiefer [NR]
Colin CorriganColonel Robert Mulvaney [NR]
Waldemar DąbrowskPolnischer Präsident [NR]
Florian DedioOther [NR]
Amie FrancesOther [NR]
Veronika GrynzaOld Woman [NR]
Antoni GryzikTadesuz Kwiatkowski [NR]
Jakub JedrasiakRafal Kwiatkowski [NR]
Jan JedrasiakKrzysztof Kwiatkowski [NR]
Joanna JedrasiakAnia Kwiatkowska [NR]
Maria JedrasiakGraznya Kwiatkowska [NR]
O’Neill JuniorDelta Sergeant [NR]
Sylwia KaczmarekRaluca [NR]
Johannes KochsPrivate Wilhelm Wieland [NR]
Saniwoj KrolCorporal Robert Nowak [NR]
Kaja KucharskaOther [NR]
Mateusz MłodzianowskiPiotr Kwiatkowski [NR]
Robert OlechPrivate Mariusz Wierzbowski [NR]
Timothy OrmanOther [NR]
Thomas PotterStaff Sergeant Alan Edwards [NR]
Wiolelta RybakLittle girl [NR]
Kim SonderholmCorporal Erik Brody [NR]


Bull By The Horns Productions