Dokumehrteiler | 2013 | Reise | Bolivien, Hong Kong


DrehorteBolivien, Peru


Lauflänge4 X 60 Min
SeitenverhältnisTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
BildnegativmaterialDVCPRO HD


    It’s a story about the most unique and signature souvenir in our planet earth. The word Souvenir, which comes from French, means “to remember”, beside of being part of the elements in tourist industry and more than just a commodity, Souvenirs always help documenting identities, memories, histories and cultural values, as well as reminding us what material and spiritual virtues are sustaining these beauties of the world.Each episode will feature one souvenir and engage a local host in a hands-on and head-on experience with a destination that is impeccably beautiful, naturally or socially. The host will be encouraged to attempt novel experiences with the place and the people. So that when they speak to audience about the beauties and risks facing those destinations they are speaking from their point of view.Team komplett aus Bolivien und Hong Kong, Dreh- und Arbeitssprachen: Chinesisch, Spanisch, Englisch
    HeadautorPui Kwan Chan
    Kameramann/DoPKwok Cheong Leung
    1. KameraassistentWing Shing Yip
    ProduzentChi Hang Pun
    Herstellungsleiter (Line Producer)Andrés JauernickService Producer Bolivien+Peru
    ProduktionsleiterinWendy Alcazar
    Assistentin des ProduktionsleitersBeatriz Fuentes
    MotivaufnahmeleiterLukas Aranda
    RegisseurAvis Kwan


    Jucumari Films Srl. [bo]
    now TV [hk]auftraggebender Sender
    PCCW Media Ltd. [hk]