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Dokumentarfilm | 1998 | Musik | Deutschland





Lauflänge45 min
Seitenverhältnis16:9 (1 : 1,78)
BildnegativmaterialDigital Betacam


    Red Bull Music Academy
    The Red Bull Music Academy brings together DJs and music producers from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds to exchange their ideas about music and their knowledge of how life in the music industry works.The two-week term schedules aim to cover all major aspects of DJ culture, including music history, technology and production, business and skills. We invite a variety of accomplished international guests - from industry movers and shakers to pirate radio station operators, from turntablists to sonic theorists - to meet our students and tell their own stories in their own words.The first Red Bull Music Academy took place in Berlin in 1998. 50 DJ/producers from Germany and Austria were chosen to attend 2 fortnightly workshops on music history, technology and business. After two years in Berlin, we moved to Dublin, to New York, to London, to Sao Paulo, then to Cape Town, Rome and Seattle, increasing the international mix of our students to 28 countries.


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