Odinokiy golos cheloveka / The Lonely Human Voice

  • Solitary Voice of a Man (Arbeitstitel)
Kinospielfilm | 1978 | Arthouse | Russland


DrehorteNizny Novgorod Russlland


Lauflänge90 min.
SeitenverhältnisTV 4:3 (1 : 1,33)


    After the end of the Russian Civil War, Red Army soldier Nikita Firsov returns to his hometown. There he meets Lyuba, whom he has known since childhood. Lyuba lives alone, since her mother has died and her brother has gone somewhere with the Red Army. Nikita begins to visit her frequently. He is in love with Lyuba but never tells her. When he falls sick, Lyuba brings him to her house and takes good care of him. They get married, but their marriage is never consummated; it is Nikita's fault, and, remorseful, he leaves town. He wanders a lot and almost stops talking to people. A sudden meeting with his father -- who tells him that Lyuba has been missing him so terribly that she even attempted to drown herself -- makes him change his mind, and he returns to Lyuba, whom he loves so much.
    Alexandr Sokurow1987Locarno Int. Filmfestival [ch]Bronze Leopardgewonnen
    Sergej Jurisdizki1988Nika-Award of the Russian Film AcademyBest cameranominiert