Nome di donna

  • Woman's Name (Internationaler Englischer Titel)
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Kinospielfilm | 2017-2018 | Drama | Italien


  • Official Trailer CH (Italiano, deutsch / français) - Filmcoopi


Early summer, Nina Martini, a single mother gets a temporary job at the Barrata elderly residence, and moves in with her daughter Caterina. It’s a relief for her to get this job at last and she enjoys the quietness of the place and the work shifts with thirty other women, some Italian but mostly foreigners. But soon she discovers the well kept secret of the manager, Marco Torri’s well established system of small sexual favors. The sexual harassment extorted by the charming and powerful man, protected by the Catholic care structures. The silent complicity of the victims makes tough break this vicious circle. Nina starts investigating but she is isolated by her colleagues who want her to stop as they’re afraid to loose their jobs. She gets sued for defamation. Obsessed by defending the truth, she finally gets a laywer’s support and they manage to corner Torri.
(Celluloid Dreams)
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
Cristiana CapotondiNina [HR]
Adriana AstiInes [SG]
Valerio BinascoMarco Maria Torri [NR]
Stefano ScandalettiLuca [NR]
Michela CesconTina Della Rovere [NR]
Bebo StortiDon Roberto Ferrari [NR]
Janina RudenskaSylvia [NR]


Lumière & Co srl [it]
RAI Cinema [it]in association with

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Arsenal Filmverleih [de]Germany (theatrical)
Celluloid Dreams [fr]International Sales
Filmcoopi Zürich AG [ch]Switzerland (theatrical)
Videa s.p.a. [it]Italy (theatrical)
KinostartDeutschlandDonnerstag, 18.07.2019
KinostartSchweizDonnerstag, 13.09.2018
KinostartItalienDonnerstag, 08.03.2018