Niloya - Poster | ©B Water Studios
©B Water Studios
TV-Serie | 2014 | Animation, Kinder | Spanien, Türkei


    Every day is a new and exciting learning experince with Niloya, her family, friends and Tospik the turtle!
    Surrounded by nature, they go skating, play with the ball, climb to the trees, learn about animals and many more incredible adventures.
    Join them and explore this colorful world.
    DrehbuchautorArzu Demirel Birinci
    KomponistFatih Ihlamur
    ProduzentEmirhan Emre
    ProduzentOmer Ozdemir
    Executive ProducerinAnja Woller
    Executive ProducerDirk Hampel
    Executive ProducerJuan Carlos García del Blanco
    RegisseurMetin Çam
    1. RegieassistentMirko Dreiling
    EditorMurat Özbey


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