A group of teenagers are in a bus speeding along a country road. While they do look happy, as if they’re off on a holiday, they’re actually on their way to one of their friends’ funeral. During this trip, they try to kill time and avoid the elephant in the room, but what cannot be said always rises back to the surface one way or another. They must face off with what feels insurmountable, remember the beautiful moments; they must both feel outraged and learn to say goodbye, or at least to take it one step at a time, before moving on.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
Baptiste Carrion-Weissn.n. [HR]
Théo Christinen.n. [HR]
Sasha Hekimiann.n. [HR]
Héloïse Janjaudn.n. [HR]
Ivy Lonakn.n. [HR]
Rose Noeln.n. [HR]
Louis Seillén.n. [HR]
Anja Stanićn.n. [HR]
Padrig Vionn.n. [HR]
Tom Wozniczkan.n. [HR]
Alexander Schuster... [SG]
Paul Flouretn.n. [NR]
Éva Lalliern.n. [NR]
Jiaxin Lin.n. [NR]