Kurzdokumentarfilm | 2012 | Doku | Deutschland


DrehorteFrankfurt (Oder)


SeitenverhältnisTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)


    The neighbourhood Neuberesinchen, consisting of socialist prefabricated houses, will soon cease to exist. The area in suburban Frankfurt (Oder) was built in the Eighties and since 2005 it is being systematically deconstructed. Mandy and Dennis live in the last 56 square metres of an eerily empty building. Torn between the forced departure and the desire for consistency, their life is determined by moving boxes, constant construction noise and night-time break-ins into empty flats.

    What is the impact of the visible collapse of the personal living space onto the perception of one's own life and memories?

    The three-dimensional images allow a realistic and immediate experience of a place that will soon cease to exist. That makes them an important contemporary document which preserves a living space in a time of change and makes it tangible.
    KameraKameramann/DoP Ben Bernhard3D (Sony F3/ Stereotec 3D-Rig)
    Kamera3D Stereo Kameramann Ben Bernhard3D (Sony F3/ Stereotec-rig)
    Kamera1. Kameraassistentin Katja Holbaum3D (Sony F3/ Stereotec 3D-Rig), 2DT
    KameraStereographer Ben Bernhard
    KameraStereographerassistentTobias Lindner
    Postproduction/VFXColoristBerkan Ustalar
    RegieRegisseurinAnnika Pinske
    SchnittEditorTobias Lindner
    SchnittEditorDerek Howard


    Pennybooth Productions GbR