Matter of Time | © L. Crelier, CO/MA
Kinospielfilm | 2005



DrehorteBerlin, Hollywood




MATTER OF TIME is collectively produced feature-length film shot on digital video in Berlin in February 2005. Live your life before you lose it. Its the story of Ellen Ellen (portrayed by Feo Aladag), a blond, fragile, Austrian in her early 30's, who has been told she is to die in a matter of weeks. She comes to Berlin to wait for her death in solitude. Instead, she falls in love, gets pregnant and finally decides to embrace life. The film focuses on Ellens spiritual journey taking her from an obsession with the countdown to her own death to her final acceptance of life and death as unpredictable and incontrollable processess. MATTER OF TIME will contain 24 three- to five- minute scenes, each outlined in detail, but allowing space for change and improvisation within the fixed framework, be it through dialogue or interaction with the reality of locations. Most of the comas worked in Berlin on this project plus some new talents joined the team.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
 Feo AladagEllen [HR]
Aleksandra BalmazovicSusi [NR]
Lana Baric'Edwina [NR]
Vladimir BouchlerShukov [NR]
Jesper ChristensenWeissmann [NR]
Aljosa KovacicMiki [NR]
 Isabella ParkinsonJoanna [NR]
Thekla ReutenMouse [NR]
 Fabian Joest PassamonteDr.Kurt
Komi Kizrajim TogbonouFighter