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Kinospielfilm | 2007-2008 | Tragikomödie | Israel



Lauflänge103 Min.
SeitenverhältnisWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)


    The Levys are a happy, noisy, colorful, family of eight people living in a small town in Israel in 1980. The father, a contractor by trade, is obsessed by his garden where he grows the cacti he finds in the area. He continuously preaches to his children about the importance of fulfilling ones' dreams. A person without a dream, according to the father, is a dead person. The mother bustles around with pots and pans full of food and teaches her children her one important principle – total family loyalty. The family must protect one another at any cost.

    This ideal life is shattered when both the twin brothers fall in love with the new girl in town who arrives on an intoxicating cloud of American fragrances. Our hero, Erez, realizes how difficult it is to maintain family loyalty while pursuing his private dream.

    Erez and his new love accidentally discover a family secret which changes everyone's lives forever. Tormented by the Pandor's Box he has opened, Erez tries to escape by stealing his twin brother's dream – he joins the army's commando unit. He leaves his brother at home to take care of the broken family - and have an affair with Erez's true love.

    What is the worth of the lives of those who do not pursue their dreams?

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    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*inSynchron
    Michael MoshonovErez Levi [HR]
    Oshri CohenOfer Levi [HR]
    Yuval ScharfNeta [HR]
    Shmil Ben AriAvraham Levi [HR]


    Inosan Productions [il]