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Dokumentarfilm | 2005 | USA


SeitenverhältnisWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
BildnegativmaterialDigital Betacam


    The central premise of Loose Change is that the United States Government was, at the very least, criminally negligent in allowing the attacks of September 11th, 2001 to occur.
    However, when one looks deeper into the evidence, one might come to the startling conclusion that our own government might have been directly responsible for the attacks themselves.
    Loose Change merely scratches the surface of information that points to a massive government cover-up regarding 9/11. We highly encourage you to take it upon yourself to research the events of 9/11 for yourself and come to your own conclusions.
    Loose Change: Final Cut is currently being developed for American theaters, intended to be released in 2007.
    3D ModelerHannes Poser
    Compositing SupervisorPatrick Kreuser
    DrehbuchautorDylan Avery
    Executive ProducerAndrew Levy
    Executive ProducerinJackie Tepper
    Executive ProducerJason Bermas
    ProducerKorey Rowe
    ProduktionsleiterStephen Marinaccio
    RegisseurDylan Avery
    FilmeditorSascha Nölke
    komplette deutsche Fassung - Postprodukt
    komplette deutsche Fassung - Postprodukt
    FilmeditorDylan Avery

    Vertriebs- / Verleihfirmen

    Polar Film + Medien GmbH


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