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Vincent Schaack
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 8E10999  BerlinDeutschland
Telefon+49 157 79882841

    Über Locolor Filmproduktion

    LOCOLOR - crazy and colored or Locol’or for the crazy gold - choose it yourself, but one thing is certain - we are not a detergent!
    We stand for films and videos with artistic demands.
    We are three long-time friends who share their passion for moving images in all forms.

    We don't restrict ourselves in this form. We always strive for interdisciplinary cooperation with artists and creative minds from a wide variety of industries. At LOCOLOR, production precision goes hand in hand with imaginative inventiveness, which in a certain way makes us all-rounders in the film industry.

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    • Adrian Nehm
      Abteilung:Produktion / Regie / Schnitt
      Telefon:+49 176 61353748
    • Gregor Kuhlmann
      Abteilung:Produktion / DOP / Regie
      Telefon:+49 176 20243790
    • Vincent Schaack
      Abteilung:Produktion / DOP / Color Grading
      Telefon:+49 157 79882841


    Unmittelbarer ArbeitsortHauptsitz: Berlin