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Vincent Schaack
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 8E10999  BerlinDeutschland
Telefon+49 157 79882841

    Über Locolor Filmproduktion

    Locolor is a young upcoming film production company from Berlin, Germany. Over the last years we’ve been working in different sectors. We started with making videos for music festivals and other events. Today we produce live fashion shows, motorsport events. and live concerts. Lately we have been focusing more on creative commercials and music videos. Our approach is to create a young dynamic and cinematic look, with a lot of love for special lighting and editing. We draw our inspiration from the best of our branch and aim sharp to belong there one day.

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    • Adrian Nehm
      Abteilung:Produktion / Regie / Schnitt
      Telefon:+49 176 61353748
    • Gregor Kuhlmann
      Abteilung:Produktion / DOP / Regie
      Telefon:+49 176 20243790
    • Vincent Schaack
      Abteilung:Produktion / DOP / Color Grading
      Telefon:+49 157 79882841


    Unmittelbarer ArbeitsortHauptsitz: Berlin