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Csiwi has just begun to wonder about his place in the world, and the direction he should be heading in, when two people enter his life: Levi and Valeska, two signposts pointing in opposite directions. Levi is already tired of being on the movie and longs for a place of rest, somewhere that will allow him to escape the constant shifting of time. Valeska is active, always striving towards the next horizon. Her talisman is a postcard: she believes she can find total happiness at the place pictured on the card.

Csiwi and his friend Levi go on adventures together; Valeska is his first love. He initially tries to keep these two worlds seperate, afraid of them coming together. When this finally happens, he realizes that his fear was unjustified. The three friends develop can withstand anything. Together they decide to make their dreams come true - and they almost succeed...
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