Dokuserie | Folgen 1-10 | 2015 | USA


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    How To Make It In: Berlin is the first season of How To Make It In. A web-series about small business owners, startup founders and everyday success stories from Main Streets all around the world.

    Selected by Germany’s prestigious Medienboard as one of only two 2015 residencies awarded in Berlin, How To Make It In: kicks off its debut season with 10 captivating stories from Europe’s capital of cool unveiling the hidden gems only locals know about and highlighting the risk-takers who give Berlin its unique character.

    With the insight and savvy of a business series and the wanderlust and adventure of a travel show, each 3-5–minute episode of How To Make It In: tells the real life story of one small business owner: how they got started, the challenges they faced at every turn, the “aha moment” when it all came together, how they’ve maintained their success and, of course, why their city is integral to their business.