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Hackney Lullabies

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    Kurzdokumentarfilm | 2010 | Deutschland


      The short documentary Hackney Lullabies examines the experiences of three young mothers in Hackney (London) from different cultural backgrounds. It asks them to sing lullabies to their babies and to talk about their hopes and anxieties for their new lives together, while taking us for a stroll along their favourite routes. The film enters the intimate space between mother and her child and asks the question, what do lullabies sound like when the mother is from another land and in what sense do they transform the space around the child creating a familiar sector in an unfamiliar land? What is in her mind when she sings a lullaby in her native language? What does she remember and what does she wish for her baby? Hackney Lullabies will visit iconic places in the area, making a sketch of modern Hackney. Each lullaby from a faraway land will bring out a different face and charm of this borough.


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      Sirko Knüpfer2011Film+ SchnittpreisFörderpreis Schnittnominiert
      Kyoko Miyake2011Int. Filmfestspiele BerlinBerlin Today Awardgewonnen