Kurzspielfilm | 2007 | Kanada


    At Henry’s Night Owl Tavern in a sleepy town in Ohio, Henry Parmalee and Bertie Conners are drawn into an haunting investigation after consoling the young and frightened Timmy Grenadine, son of their friend Ritchie Grenadine. Through a series of strange events, Henry and Bertie discover that Ritchie has been undergoing a sinister biological change due to a contaminated bottle of beer. The men uncover the grizzly truth of Ritchie’s transformation and eventually discover what lurks behind the disappearance of two local girls. In the end, Henry must choose to either believe Bertie and destroy what was once his close friend or become a victim of Ritchie’s terrifying metamorphosis.
    ProduzentSameena Darr
    Art DirectorKathrin Krückeberg
    RegisseurDaniel Bass


    Vancouver Film School (VFS) [ca]