Über Gianmarco Rossetti

    I was born in Rimini (Italy), in 1973, then moved to Bologna where I’m still living, in order
    to attend law studies at the local Alma Mater. I always had a deep love for movies since I was
    a young kid, so that I shortly could understand which was the job of my dream, it was film director. At that time, circa 1992 a little bunch of few cinema addicts like me could profit and use the the technical equipment available at the video laboratory which my hometown public library was endowed with. Since then, I never stopped shooting and film-making, it was a matter of love at first sight. What about the law studies? I rapidly realized they were a mistake, thus I quit as soon as possible. In the meantime I kept shooting my early fiction shortf-films and documentaries as well, I had a second lover whom was still photography, I began as self-taught a few years before. It was the time for a change, the analog era was getting to an end, I loved film , Hi8 so much though, the digital era was around the corner, I got a few paid works, bought a digital camera and an editing workstation, and thought it was done, I'm ready to go. I made up my mind, I took a detour and applied for a film school in Bologna, as I said before I wanted to be a film director, then I chose the directing course at “Accademia nazionale del cinema” where I studied and graduated with the best grades and a praise. The professor leading the photography course once told me: “you could be a good director of photography over the future". I did not took him too seriously, but he had foreseen what occurred a few months later. A Mexican course-mate asked me to substitute him on an indie feature as camera operator, I had such a great feelings and from then on, I decided that my new love was cinematography.
    I shot hundreds of works, since back then, ranging from feature films, documentaries, videoclips, commercials and corporate films. Today, I have an international portfolio comprising a lot of works notorious brands and companies, continuing to love and being devoted to my occupation.

    Projekte als Kameramann/DoP

    2019War in CubaKinospielfilmRenato GiuglianoRLP Film Productions [it]
    2018Bitter YearsKinospielfilmAndrea AdriaticoCinemare soc. coop. spa [it]
    2006Personal DiseaseKurzspielfilmChristian BattiferroRosebud Films
    2005IncontrotempoKurzspielfilmGiovanni MischitelliMisqua Film s.r.l [it]


    2015San Francisco Web Festival - Best cinematography for "Status" a 10 episodes mini-series
    2014Kinodromo Best Cinematography at Visioni Italiane, "La valigia"short.
    2006Cortofiction Chianciano Terme - Best cinematography for "Assenza" Short Film


    SprachenEnglisch Französisch Italienisch Spanisch
    Unmittelbarer ArbeitsortBologna
    Bundesland (1. Wohnsitz)Italien - Emilia-Romagna
    2. Wohnsitz (falls vorhanden)Rimini