Gemeinsam sind wir stärker

  • Zajedno smo jači (Internationaler Titel)
Dokumentarfilm | 2014-2015 | Deutschland


    Documentary film about multi-ethnic families and couples in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even though Bosnia and Herzegovina is so close to the EU, we – especially the younger generations of Germany – hardly know anything about how people there live and what the coexistence of ethnicities looks like nowadays.

    In our film we want to accompany couples composed of Bosniaks, Serbs and/or Croats in their daily lives and show what it means to live as a „mixed family“ in Bosnia and Herzegovina some 20 years after the war. Which obstacles and problems do they face when they fall in love with somebody from a different ethnic group? What is their everyday life like if schools, hospitals and other facilities are separated? Which group do they affiliate themselves with and how do they define their identity? These questions will be answered in our film. In a bigger context we will also deal with the topics of multi-ethnicity and peace in general in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


    Siri Gögelmann und Birthe Neumann Produktion
    Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen [de]/ Institut für Medienwissenschaft