Kinospielfilm | 2010 | Russland


The early 20th century. The Russian Empire is falling apart, the devastating
communist revolution is imminent. In a dilapidated house in some God-forsaken
part of Russia there lives a bunch of dreamy poets looking like idiots.
For them arts is a way to protect themselves from the horriblereality.
Theirs is the imaginary world of the blessed. Powerlessness and self-deception.
The absurdity of romanticism…They will be swept away by the looming sinister epoch.
History always repeats itself.Cinematic language of the film was created as a dedication
to the poetical cinema style invented in second half of 20th century
by A.Tarkovskiy, A.Konchalovskiy, N.Mikhalkov, A.German.


Demarsh Filmproduktion [ru]


Ton (Postproduktion) Oxygen Sound StudiosAdditional ADR (EN)
 Sergej Jurisdizki201019. Kinoshock-Festival, Anapa [ru]Best Cameragewonnen