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  • Toda Una Vida (Internationaler Englischer Titel)
Kurzdokumentarfilm | 2008 | Doku | Kuba


    “Toda Una Vida” is a participatory documentary of a length of 11-minutes. It was shot on locations in Havana, Cuba in June/July 2008 and produced in collaboration between the Escuela de Cine y Television and the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

    The film looks into the lives of the inhabitants of the Santa Teresa de Jésus Convent in Old Havana. After being declared a “world heritage site” by the UNESCO in 2002, the Cuban government tried to force its inhabitants out of the building. The convent was then supposed to be re-modelled into a tourist attraction.

    As some of the inhabitants kept protesting against being forced out, the government decided to start reconstruction anyway, believing that the tormenting noise of the workers would ‘convince’ the inhabitants to move out. They stayed nevertheless, and are now forced to live on an on-going construction site, with the building crumbling away above their heads slowly but surely.

    It received its first screening at the Festival of the Moving Image 2008 that is hosted annually by the University College London. At the festival, the film also received the very special attention of judge Gael Garcia Bernal.